14 March 2011

Knowing Who You Know

As you meet more and more people within the industry and within your classes, it is important to devise a method for keeping track of them. Social media is one way (e.g., Linked In, Facebook), but they are not often optimized for data gathering.

I would suggest developing a database in a spreadsheet that can keep information about your contacts in one, sortable place. When the new College of Business career portal comes online, there will be a space for this. Until then, you can just use a spreadsheet. Key areas to create in the spreadsheet include:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Email
4. Telephone/Mobile Telephone
5. Title
6. Organization
7. Where you met
8. Conversation notes about him or her
9. Scheduled meetings
10. Date of last contact
11. Interests, hobbies, et cetera

The goal is to develop a system that fits your needs and will , ultimately, allow you to maintain control over all the people you meet as you move forward in the program.  MEP