12 December 2011

International Sport Website

If you are interested in working overseas or with an American sport organization with overseas connections, you might enjoy a visit to the following website: http://www.globalsportsjobs.com/.  More information can be found below. MEP


Networking, Internships

is a new and innovative careers site that harnesses the power of digital technology to provide jobs, practical career advice, and industry networking to a growing community of sports industry professionals.

GlobalSportsJobs employs a unique affiliate partnership model, which allows sports industry organizations, such as international federations, sports media and event managers, to display selected vacancies from GlobalSportsJobs on their own websites. This gives recruiters access to a much larger global audience and the opportunity to attract a higher-quality and more diverse range of job seekers than ever previously available.

Feel free to browse the site and reuse any content that most appeals to you and your audience. In return, editor's ask that you make them aware of which articles you intend to use in case there are any copyright issues, that you provide an explicit credit naming for GlobalSportsJobs on the article, and that you provide a weblink to the site.

For more information about Global Sports Jobs contact:

Rob Willock
Operations Director
Email: rw@globalsportsjobs.com Linked In:http://uk.linkedin.com/in/robwillock
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RobWillock

02 December 2011

Women and Work

This week's Economist magazine has a special report entitled, Women and Work: Closing the Gap.

You can visit the website for the magazine to read the articles (http://www.economist.com/node/21539928), download a PDF of it brought to you by IE Business School in Madrid (Spain), although I am not sure how long this offer will last, or contact me for the PDF, which I downloaded already.

The report makes for interesting and compelling reading for women AND men. MEP

10 November 2011

Another international opportunity

There is a unique summer study abroad program open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) from the U.S. and Canadian universities studying in sports management and related areas such as athletic training, kinesiology, coaching and exercise, next summer in Australia called The Australian Sporting Industry.   This very popular short course takes place over 3 weeks in June 2012, and is run in partnership with the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad study abroad organization based in Colorado and the University of Canberra’s National Institute of Sport Studies in Australia.

If you have students who might be looking for an amazing, hands-on international sport experience, please consider sharing this information with them.  A flyer is attached about the program.    Program details and online application can be found at http://www.australearn.org/aussports.  A photo slide show and videos from past participant are available on this page.

The course begins in Melbourne, the sporting capital of Australia, then moves to Canberra the national capital and home to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and finishes in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.  Students attend an intensive sports camp at AIS, undertake a sports-related research project, tour stadiums, attend “footy” games and participate in cultural activities.  Students will receive an official University of Canberra transcript for 6 U.S. university credits – that is TWO courses.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (AustraLearn) arranges enrollment into the program, all logistics, housing, airfare, pre-departure and in-country support, and offers a scholarship program up to $1,500 towards program fees.   For questions about the program, please contact Kimberly Tibbetts at ktibbetts@australearn.org.

Highlights of the program
Course: The Australian Sporting Industry – offered through GlobaLinks Learning and the University of Canberra, Australia
Location: Australia – Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns
Dates: June 2-24, 2012

Entry requirements:  At least sophomore standing at the time of attendance and minimum 2.5 GPA. Open to all majors, but especially those in sport/exercise-related disciplines.

Academics and Course Structure: A combination of classroom-based lectures from sporting experts in Australia and a variety of excursions will form the basis for this course. Faculty from University of Canberra’s National Institute of Sport Studies will deliver lectures on topics such as the Australian Sports System, Sport as Entertainment, Australian Coaching Principles, and Marketing Sport the Australian Way. Students will spend three days at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) participating in a range of events including lectures and training sessions presented by athletes, trainers, coaches and sports specialists from the AIS. Sessions at AIS will include: Nutrition, Skill Acquisition, Recovery, and Psychology. Students will also undertake a self-directed research project.

Field Trips: Trips to Melbourne and Cairns round out the program.  An opportunity to participate in activities including tours of sporting facilities including the world-famous Melbourne Cricket Grounds are part of the course, tickets to see Australian Rules Football matches, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and other cultural excursions are included.

Finances and Scholarships:  The 2012 course fee is estimated at approximately $5,500 which includes everything except international airfare and some meals.  Because 6 U.S. semester credits are awarded, students can use federal financial aid to defray expenses, and there is a scholarship of up to $1,500 available to students who apply and are accepted into the course.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2012

Thank you and have a great rest of the semester!

Steve Luther
Director, Academic Outreach and Development

AustraLearn / AsiaLearn / EuroLearn
(Educational Programs of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad)
12050 N. Pecos St, Suite 320
Westminster, Colorado 80234 USA
Toll free in the U.S. or Canada: 1-800-980-0033 extension 114
Telephone: 1-303-446-2214 extension 114
Fax: 1-303-446-5955

Check out the latest news on our programs and students at: www.globalinksnewswire.com

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad was awarded Small Business of the Year 2009 in Colorado

09 November 2011

International Opportunity

For those of you interested in sport beyond the American shores:

Make your own experiences during 3rd EASM Summer School 2012 at the University of Bayreuth, Germany!
In the tradition of its international student seminars and after two very successful EASM Summer Schools in 2010 and 2011, the EASM Board  and the University of Bayreuth continue its cooperation with the 3rd EASM Summer School in 2012 in order to offer a strong and differentiated service for sport management students on a bachelor level.

To get more information, please have a look on the EASM website:
http://www.easm.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=436&Itemid=183 or www.easm.net

The EASM School is a great opportunity for bachelor students to enrich their sport management degree by gaining extracurricular credits (6 ECTS are calculated for the Summer School). Participants have the chance to build up their own international network of contacts within the sport business and to make new friends from all over Europe.

The 3rd EASM Summer School 2012 focuses on International Sport Marketing and the latest findings in this field of research discussing topics like “Value Co-Creation for Sport Spectators and Athletes”, “Brand Management in Sport” and “Sport Marketing through Innovative Services”.

The EASM Summer School 2012 will take place at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, from 25th to 29th May. The local organization is coordinated by EASM Vice President Prof. Dr. Herbert Woratschek and his team.

Besides the lectures an excursion will be included in the program. For example, the headquarters of two leading brands in international sports equipment, adidas and Puma, are located close to Bayreuth.

Attached you receive further information, including the official poster, a facts & figures sheet as well as the registration form. Full package fee: Euro 495,00 incl. VAT (included: full board accommodation, lecture material, snacks, coffee, excursion and supporting programme)

Applications are welcome until 30th March 2012! For more information please visit our website www.easm.net or contact our colleague Stefan in the EASM Summer School office:
Stefan Spatz

E-Mail: stefan.spatz@uni-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49-921-55 7277
Fax: +49-921-55 7333.

With best regards

EASM Summer School Team!


Dipl.-SpOec. Tim Ströbel

University of Bayreuth
Department of Services Management
Prof. Dr. Woratschek
Universitätsstraße 30
95447 Bayreuth

Tel.: +49-921-553490
Fax: +49-921-553496

29 October 2011

Say Cheese(y) - A Video Introduction

One of my students recently completed his first video introduction. What is a video introduction, you ask? It is a short video that describes who you are and what you do.

This idea first came to my attention at the Sports Marketing Association's 2009 conference when www.teamworkonline.com president, Buffy Filippell raised the issue in a keynote speech. While not widely used, this idea is gaining traction, especially at TeamWork.

The video is about two minutes maximum and covers educational background, interest in a position (if specifically targeting one), career interests and goals, and key experiential information. While there might be an impetus to produce something slick and edgy, sincerity and confidence are probably better areas with which to begin. These videos are often loaded to YouTube and linked to a LinkedIn account.

I hope to find a good sample video to show you in the near future. If you are interested in creating a video like this, please let me know and we can speak about it. If you want to make a video and share it as an example, please send it along to me and I will see if I can post it here.

For your homework, however, please think about what you would say and do in an interview such as this one. MEP

19 October 2011

Interview questions

Please, tell me a little about yourself? Sounds like an easy question to ask, right? Well, it can be if you are prepared. However, what can you prepare when there is so much to discuss? Dr. Lawrence sent me a link to an article about this very topic (please see below).

The article addresses the tell me  issue, but also raises questions about answering interview interview questions in general. Please read the article and add your thoughts about interview questions via the blog.


10 October 2011

Get connected

This week's entry is from MSA student, Jeff Webster. He is working to better connect all DSA students and needs your help to do so.


This may be a simple equation, but the implications are very real for anyone who plans on chasing a career in the sports industry. Networking is truly an art, and can often be the most powerful tool in anyone's repertoire. Because we all need a place to start, the Ohio University Department of Sports Administration has created it's own Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The idea is to foster communication among past and present students that could potentially lead to real professional advice, relationships, and even jobs! If you know of any OU DSA alumni or current students that are making waves in the sports industry, I want to hear about it. Please feel free to send over anything and everything that may be relevant to any of your classmates and lets build a network together!

Follow us on Twitter: @OhioDSA
Join our LinkedIn account: Ohio University Department of Sports Administration Group


Jeff Webster
MBA/MSA Class of 2012
Ohio University

22 September 2011

A View from the Industry

I contacted a recent graduate, Andrew Rubenstein, and asked him to write a short summary of his life after graduation (please see below). Andrew interned with and now works for the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League. I hope his story helps you to write yours. MEP

The Andrew Rubenstein Story

I could not have been more excited when I landed my first job after college with the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League. I was an intern with the team in December 2010, and about half way through the internship I was hired on full time to start in June of this year after graduation. I could not have been prepared better for my position than I was by Ohio University, and I have heard the same thing from others entering the sports industry. Many people have no idea what to expect entering their first sales job in sports. I knew right away that it would come with long hours, low pay, and a continuous grind that sometimes seems like it will never end. 

That being said, I could not be happier with the industry that I chose. I found that working with a team that is not in one of the four major sports leagues has many advantages. I not only am making calls for new season ticket holders, but I am also involved with groups, premium seats, sponsorships, marketing ideas, theme nights, and much more. I also am able to work in a very young office where our GM is only 29 years old, and is willing to listen to any ideas or concerns we may have. One disadvantage is that I do not necessarily receive the training that some of the larger teams get. It is more of a trial by fire atmosphere where you need to learn quick in order to be successful, but it showed me very quickly what will work and what will not. 

            Another aspect of the industry that amazed me was the network that Ohio University has. I know multiple people working with teams like the Cavaliers, Browns, and New Jersey Devils, and have found how we are all going through the same ups and downs as we start are careers. It definitely helps talking with those who are going through what we are right now, and those who have moved into more established roles within their teams. As hard as work, I know it will pay off down the road. Some of the most fulfilling moments I have had so far have been from people who I have sold tickets to writing me e-mails, and calling and thanking me for what I have done for them. The best advice I have for someone starting out is to keep your head down, and keep on plugging away. The hard work will get noticed, and will pay off.      

15 September 2011

Interviewing Training Opportunity

This opportunity to refine your interviewing techniques came my way today from the president of the College of Business Society of Alumni and Friends. MEP


Our first event, September 24, is an Interviewing Intelligence event connecting students in the CoB to alumni to learn about interview best practices

  • Encourage students to sign up and attend Interviewing Intelligence on September 24 at the following link:


17 May 2011

Webinar Opportunity for Careers in Sport

You might wish to register and listen in on this webinar.


Whether your students are starting their journey as freshman, continuing their growth as sophomores and juniors, or getting ready to begin their professional careers, as seniors, the Pro Edge Sports Academy is here to offer them guidance, tips, and industry wisdom on how to make it in the sports world!
Pro Edge Sports Academy is pleased to offer your students exclusive access to our “Breaking Into Sports” Webinar at no charge. This webinar will offer a critical peek into a wealth of industry wisdom and knowledge that will provide your students with guidance in transitioning from the world of academia into a professional sports management career. By learning about various strategies and paths that one can take along the way, your students will gain insight in overcoming obstacles achieving long lasting success. We invite and encourage all Sports Management students to attend the “Breaking Into Sports” Webinar 
Over the past four years, Pro Edge Sports Academy has had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of college students and assist them into breaking into and securing a job in the sports industry.
Join us as we continue to lead students to success in rewarding sports  careers!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Registration Link:

About the Presenter:
Jared Lane founded Pro Edge Sports in 2001, which continues to experience great success and growth as it reaches its first ten years. Jared acquired a B.S. in Business Management from Alabama State University as well as a Master in Sport Leadership degree from Duquesne University. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Teaching at Belmont University, Jared’s accolades are many, including being honored as a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society for his excellence in Sports Leadership.

Throughout his career as a sports agent Jared has negotiated over 400 contracts and developed relationships with a multitude of sports professionals in all of the major professional sports leagues.  Jared has represented over 20 former NFL Players.  In addition, Jared has served as a mentor to hundreds of college sports management students over the past five years, while managing the Pro Edge Sports Internship Program.

Jared has served as the Director of Player Personnel for numerous professional indoor sports teams.  His ability to effectively evaluate talent helped him land his first NFL client at the early age of 21.  Jared wears many hats in addition to being the founder of Pro Edge Sports, as he is also responsible for managing daily operations, developing course curriculum, contract negotiations, marketing, endorsements, player evaluation, social media marketing, and managing the PES Academy. With over ten years of successful industry experience, Jared is committed to giving back and helping other young professional begin their careers in the sports management industry.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

Jared Lane
Pro Edge Sports
(888) 834-2322

16 May 2011

Tidbits from the Sport Management Academy Newsletter

This interview was in my email this morning as part of a digital newsletter. It highlights some of the important aspects of your personal skill set you might want to examine, to highlight, or to improve as you move through your career. MEP
Sport Management Academy
A Newsletter for Sport Management Educators
 May 2011   Volume 1, Number 2 

An award-winning athlete, author, journalist, speech writer and speaker, Mariah Burton Nelson has played a leading role in redefining what it means to be a success in the sports industry. She currently serves as Executive Director of the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation.

Q. What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

A. Populating the world with more female athletes. When I ride my bike (in the Washington DC area), and see trails full of female cyclists, runners, walkers, and in-line skaters of all ages, I feel gratified that I have played a small role in creating those opportunities. I reflect on how far we've come from my childhood. My mother was a swimmer (and still is, at 87,) but she and her friends never ran or rode bikes or played team sports. When I was growing up, people expected "tomboys" to "grow up and be ladies." Now girls and women take for granted their right to move, and they understand the relationship between exercise, health, and happiness. Many women have told me, "You inspired me to be an athlete." That was not my initial intent -- I just wanted to write books and give speeches about women's sports experiences -- but what a satisfying result!

Q. What qualities do you think are key to professional success?

A. Discipline. We do so many things because we're in the habit of doing them. And those habits -- the good ones -- are what lead to success. I swim or lift weights or ride my bike or do yoga every day because I made a decision many years ago to be an athlete, and that's what athletes do. I don't need to re-decide every day. That's the good news: Discipline itself becomes a habit. You become the kind of person who does the right things, over and over again.

The same is true for discipline at work. After a while, you dispense with the inner dialogue about whether or not to work, or work harder. You write the proposal, then polish it until it shines, because you made a deal with yourself a long time ago. You might not even remember why or when you made that deal, any more than you recall your original tooth-brushing agreement.

Another word for discipline is practice. This is more good news: When you do something repeatedly, you get better at it. You feel increasingly competent, and confident, which leads you to try even harder.

I just submitted a proposal, and the recipient told me that in the 25 years he's been writing and reviewing proposals, he's never seen a better one. I was happy, but I wasn't really surprised. I'm sure that much of my own professional success is largely due to the fact that I work harder, and have higher standards, than most people. I think this is rooted in self-discipline. I learned it in sports, and continue to benefit from the daily discipline of sports, but discipline begins with commitment. Anyone, even someone without athletic training, can start there.

Q. What role do you feel mentors play in achieving career goals?

A. I'm reading a new biography of Babe Didrikson called Wonder Girl (coming out in June 2011). She died the year I was born, but I read her autobiography as a young girl, and she inspired me by being so incredibly disciplined, hard-working, passionate, competitive, and successful. I also looked up to my mother, an exuberant swimmer and physician who was openly, playfully competitive. They were my two role models: Babe and Mom.

But I did not have any mentors per se because so few women were playing sports when I was growing up (I was born in 1956), and so few people were writing about women and sports when I started doing that, in 1980. Basically, I invented my career (as a sportswriter focused on women and gender issues.) I admired Frank Deford and George Leonard and other male sportswriters, but I didn't know them personally, and often wished that I had a mentor I could turn to for advice. Perhaps I would have made fewer mistakes. Given a chance, someone certainly would have taught me something about respectful silence and tact. Sometimes I've been too outspoken for my own good.

So I can't really comment on mentors from personal experience, but I've heard good things about them, and try to be what I think of as "the kind of person who's worth looking up to, in case anyone's looking."

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to today's sport managers what would it be?

A. Actively seek diversity. Birds of a feather flock together, so we must consciously transcend our natural tendency to hire and promote people who look and sound and think as we do. My current staff of nine includes people of Indian, Korean, African, European, and Iranian descent, someone who is legally blind, and someone who is gay. (That's me.) Do we talk about those differences? Rarely. We're too busy talking about how to promote physical activity, and how to best serve our members. But does our diversity make us stronger as a team? Surely. To achieve this sort of diversity, one must recruit widely, and make a commitment to putting aside personal prejudices in order to get to know people as people. The rewards - personal and professional - can be great.

Follow Mariah at Beyond Workouts: Think of Yourself as an Athlete.  

30 April 2011

Linked In first interview/review

This week, I had a student ask me for help with an application for an internship with Under Armour (UA). I know this company offers a great internship experience, but I was surprised by their initial way of screening candidates.

First, we had to access the internship via Facebook. When we click the button marked Apply, there is a request for permission for UA to access My Basic Information and Access My Profile Information on Facebook. This immediately allows them to check a person out based upon Facebook content. There is nothing that says how long they want to have access, so I would assume it is until you remove them from it. 

Then, they wanted a link to a Linked In resume, which is essentially the Linked In account. The information posted about you (e.g., education, experience) is considered the resume for them. 

Third, UA's call for the internship specified that, in 140 characters or less, prospective applicants need to tell UA personnel why they should be chosen for the internship. I suggest in situations like this that you count spaces as characters to stay under the limit.

This is a different way to go about gathering information prior to an interview, but it does raise important issues for students. Namely, the information you store in social media accounts as well as the types of postings, comments, and other types of news and information you share.

22 April 2011

Career Services Help For You

Here is some information about workshops provided by our Career Services office. I encourage you to utilize these opportunities or plan for them in the coming quarters as you work through your career management processes. MEP

Career Services Outreach
Wednesday Webinar Series
Come to the Office of Career Services to pick up the latest information on how to organize your job search, plan your career, build a network, interview and use Twitter to get a job! Presenters are the top career authors and experts in the nation!

April 20th        Susan Whitcomb               Twitter
April 27th        Mark Goulston                  Listening
May 4th           Devora Zack                    Networking
May 11th         Peter Weddle                   Career Strategy
May 18th         Martin Yate                     Job Search

Where: Baker University Center 503
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm
Etiquette Dinner Workshop
Do you know the dos and taboos of dining etiquette? Are you prepared to interview during a meal?  The Office of Career Services is pleased to welcome Deborah Thomas-Nininger of DTN Productions to Ohio University to facilitate a Dining Etiquette Workshop. This workshop will guide you through proper dining and interviewing techniques as well as providing tips for pre-dinner mingling.

When: Monday, May 9, 2011
Time: Dinner will begin promptly at 6:00 pm
Where: Baker University Center Ballroom
Cost: $15 single/$80 for table of 8*
*Cost includes four course meal and training materials
**Professional business attire required.
Please direct any questions about the Dining Etiquette Workshop to Ali Woodworth at aw800110@ohio.edu.

19 April 2011

Casting a wider net

Many students enter our program with dreams of being a general manager for a major professional sports team or the athletics director for a NCAA Division I school. There is nothing wrong with those dreams.

However, a student who understands that he or she can look at their career options from a skill set point of view sees that he or she can go almost anywhere and still find success because of the fit between person-skill set-occupation.

Other areas that students do not necessarily consider when examining career options include high school and youth sports, the athletics apparel industry, and regional professional sport teams.

Youth and high school sports are facing the same economic and social enablers and constraints as the professional ranks and need sophisticated mangers with sport management and business training. The apparel industry is a substantial part of the sport landscape and economy. You can visit Under Armour (who have a highly rated internship program), adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Riddell, and any other manufacturer and learn more about their operations. Finally, the regional professional teams (i.e., minor leagues) offer students a chance to obtain experience in their chosen area and, at the same time, gain experience in game operations, finance, and many other team aspects simply because all members of the team must help each other and not sit in departmental silos.

Expanding your horizons gives you options. Options are always nice to have, especially when multiple organizations want you to come and work for them.

11 April 2011

The Great Resume Question

I am often asked the following question: Should a resume be one or two plus pages long? What is your perspective? Comments welcome. MEP

05 April 2011

Better know an advisor

This week's post is a simple one.

With a number of students coming into my office to get their change of major forms signed, I realized that, for many of them, this was our first meeting together.

I would encourage you to set a meeting with your advisor and get to know him or her. Each day, we are approached by a number of different stakeholders who ask us for a student who can do this or one who can do that. Generally, we turn to the students we know something about to answer these inquiries, but that does not mean that those students we do not know about are any less valuable. The more your advisor knows about you and your interests, the more he or she can suggest ideas, internships, and other opportunities for you.

So, find some time and check in with your advisor. Who knows, they might know of someone who has a job or internship opening with a great team or event right now. MEP

30 March 2011

Special Announcement

The Department of Sports Administration and the Moorhead Family are seeking applicants for the 2011-12 Brad Moorhead Scholarship. The deadline is April 22, 2011 and all applications should be emailed to Dr. Lawrence at lawrench@ohio.edu.

The Moorhead Family established this $1,000 scholarship in memory of their son, Brad, who was tragically killed in a car accident while completing his Sport Management internship before his senior year at Ohio. The annual Sports Business Association B.A.M. 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is also held in his honor. The award seeks to support an Ohio University Sport Management student who shares the many positive attributes that Brad possessed.

A little information on Brad......

Brad was a 2001 graduate of Centerville H.S. and was in the Class of 2005 at Ohio University. While at both institutions he did his best to give back to the school through participation in various activities. He had a passion for athletics (especially the Florida Gators), was a friend to all, and will always be remembered for his kind heart. He loved his family and large circle of friends, and always put others ahead of himself. He had a love for life and valued the relationships that he developed along the way.

Brad loved his family, Shelley, Gary and Scott and was known as a great friend. Brad saw the good in everyone. He preferred to talk less about him and more about them. He was easy going yet boldly competitive. While he loved a variety of sports, and anything to do with athletics, he also made sure the experience was filled with fun. The people he was sharing the experience with were always more important than the event. His listening skills made him a person that people enjoyed talking with. He was a great student yet he had a wonderful sense of humor. He could laugh with you in moments of joy and cry with you in moments of pain.

Sport Management majors meeting the following criteria may apply;
1. Senior standing for 2011-12.
2. Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0. Please include a statement indicating your current cumulative G.P.A..
3. Sport Management Major.
4. United States Citizen.

If interested, you must respond to the following questions in an essay;
1. What qualities do you feel qualify you to represent the Brad Moorhead Scholarship?
2. What service projects or activities have you done (ex. Sports Business Association)?
3. How do you give back to or support the sport management program?
3. What have you done to prepare yourself for a job in the sport industry?

Information on Past Scholarship Recipients
2010-11: Bryan Minrovic will graduate from Ohio in June 2011. He has served as an intern with the Ohio University Ticket Office and with Kent State University in the Marketing Department. This Spring Quarter, he building his resume further by working in Athletic Development. 

2009-10: Sarah King is currently finishing her first year of the Ohio University MBA/MSA program. She has sport experience with the Ohio University Marketing Department, Pacer's Sports and Entertainment, and as an Ohio University Club Sport Supervisor.

2008-09: Michael Spence recently began a new career in real estate as the Executive V.P. at J.C. Spence Company and Park Place Properties, LLC. He has previously been an Account Executive for Huddle, Inc. and an Inside Sales Representative for the Atlanta Spirit, LLC.

2007-08: Patrick Nieser will finish the MBA/MSA program at Ohio University in May 2011. He has experience as a Corporate Partnerships Intern with the Orlando Magic, as a Sales and Marketing Intern for The Memorial Tournament, as a Fan Services Representative for the Cleveland Indians, and as a Corporate Marketing and Sales Intern for the Cleveland Indians.

Completed Applications must be received by 5:00pm April 22, 2011 and should be sent via email to Dr. Lawrence at Lawrench@ohio.edu with "Moorhead Scholarship" and your last name in the subject line of the email.