06 March 2011

Who can guide me through career and life planning?

In the last post, I wrote about developing a career plan. Have you started that process?

As part of any career planning process, we need to find a set of people who can provide advice and guidance along the way. We can think of this group as our Personal Advisory Board (PAB). The key term here is: advisory. Your PAB is not going to set your career for you, but they should be able to help you think about and plan for the future.

The scope and nature of your PAB depends upon your needs and comfort level. Who in your world is someone who provides advice when you seek it, listens when you need to discuss a topic, or just plain tells you when you are not making good decisions? These people are a good place to start.

The PAB is a step towards developing a relationship network as well. We will discuss this issue later, but for now, your next career planning task is to identify potential PAB members AND determine what role they can play in your life. MEP

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