19 April 2011

Casting a wider net

Many students enter our program with dreams of being a general manager for a major professional sports team or the athletics director for a NCAA Division I school. There is nothing wrong with those dreams.

However, a student who understands that he or she can look at their career options from a skill set point of view sees that he or she can go almost anywhere and still find success because of the fit between person-skill set-occupation.

Other areas that students do not necessarily consider when examining career options include high school and youth sports, the athletics apparel industry, and regional professional sport teams.

Youth and high school sports are facing the same economic and social enablers and constraints as the professional ranks and need sophisticated mangers with sport management and business training. The apparel industry is a substantial part of the sport landscape and economy. You can visit Under Armour (who have a highly rated internship program), adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Riddell, and any other manufacturer and learn more about their operations. Finally, the regional professional teams (i.e., minor leagues) offer students a chance to obtain experience in their chosen area and, at the same time, gain experience in game operations, finance, and many other team aspects simply because all members of the team must help each other and not sit in departmental silos.

Expanding your horizons gives you options. Options are always nice to have, especially when multiple organizations want you to come and work for them.

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