29 October 2011

Say Cheese(y) - A Video Introduction

One of my students recently completed his first video introduction. What is a video introduction, you ask? It is a short video that describes who you are and what you do.

This idea first came to my attention at the Sports Marketing Association's 2009 conference when www.teamworkonline.com president, Buffy Filippell raised the issue in a keynote speech. While not widely used, this idea is gaining traction, especially at TeamWork.

The video is about two minutes maximum and covers educational background, interest in a position (if specifically targeting one), career interests and goals, and key experiential information. While there might be an impetus to produce something slick and edgy, sincerity and confidence are probably better areas with which to begin. These videos are often loaded to YouTube and linked to a LinkedIn account.

I hope to find a good sample video to show you in the near future. If you are interested in creating a video like this, please let me know and we can speak about it. If you want to make a video and share it as an example, please send it along to me and I will see if I can post it here.

For your homework, however, please think about what you would say and do in an interview such as this one. MEP

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