30 March 2011

Special Announcement

The Department of Sports Administration and the Moorhead Family are seeking applicants for the 2011-12 Brad Moorhead Scholarship. The deadline is April 22, 2011 and all applications should be emailed to Dr. Lawrence at lawrench@ohio.edu.

The Moorhead Family established this $1,000 scholarship in memory of their son, Brad, who was tragically killed in a car accident while completing his Sport Management internship before his senior year at Ohio. The annual Sports Business Association B.A.M. 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is also held in his honor. The award seeks to support an Ohio University Sport Management student who shares the many positive attributes that Brad possessed.

A little information on Brad......

Brad was a 2001 graduate of Centerville H.S. and was in the Class of 2005 at Ohio University. While at both institutions he did his best to give back to the school through participation in various activities. He had a passion for athletics (especially the Florida Gators), was a friend to all, and will always be remembered for his kind heart. He loved his family and large circle of friends, and always put others ahead of himself. He had a love for life and valued the relationships that he developed along the way.

Brad loved his family, Shelley, Gary and Scott and was known as a great friend. Brad saw the good in everyone. He preferred to talk less about him and more about them. He was easy going yet boldly competitive. While he loved a variety of sports, and anything to do with athletics, he also made sure the experience was filled with fun. The people he was sharing the experience with were always more important than the event. His listening skills made him a person that people enjoyed talking with. He was a great student yet he had a wonderful sense of humor. He could laugh with you in moments of joy and cry with you in moments of pain.

Sport Management majors meeting the following criteria may apply;
1. Senior standing for 2011-12.
2. Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0. Please include a statement indicating your current cumulative G.P.A..
3. Sport Management Major.
4. United States Citizen.

If interested, you must respond to the following questions in an essay;
1. What qualities do you feel qualify you to represent the Brad Moorhead Scholarship?
2. What service projects or activities have you done (ex. Sports Business Association)?
3. How do you give back to or support the sport management program?
3. What have you done to prepare yourself for a job in the sport industry?

Information on Past Scholarship Recipients
2010-11: Bryan Minrovic will graduate from Ohio in June 2011. He has served as an intern with the Ohio University Ticket Office and with Kent State University in the Marketing Department. This Spring Quarter, he building his resume further by working in Athletic Development. 

2009-10: Sarah King is currently finishing her first year of the Ohio University MBA/MSA program. She has sport experience with the Ohio University Marketing Department, Pacer's Sports and Entertainment, and as an Ohio University Club Sport Supervisor.

2008-09: Michael Spence recently began a new career in real estate as the Executive V.P. at J.C. Spence Company and Park Place Properties, LLC. He has previously been an Account Executive for Huddle, Inc. and an Inside Sales Representative for the Atlanta Spirit, LLC.

2007-08: Patrick Nieser will finish the MBA/MSA program at Ohio University in May 2011. He has experience as a Corporate Partnerships Intern with the Orlando Magic, as a Sales and Marketing Intern for The Memorial Tournament, as a Fan Services Representative for the Cleveland Indians, and as a Corporate Marketing and Sales Intern for the Cleveland Indians.

Completed Applications must be received by 5:00pm April 22, 2011 and should be sent via email to Dr. Lawrence at Lawrench@ohio.edu with "Moorhead Scholarship" and your last name in the subject line of the email.

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