05 April 2011

Better know an advisor

This week's post is a simple one.

With a number of students coming into my office to get their change of major forms signed, I realized that, for many of them, this was our first meeting together.

I would encourage you to set a meeting with your advisor and get to know him or her. Each day, we are approached by a number of different stakeholders who ask us for a student who can do this or one who can do that. Generally, we turn to the students we know something about to answer these inquiries, but that does not mean that those students we do not know about are any less valuable. The more your advisor knows about you and your interests, the more he or she can suggest ideas, internships, and other opportunities for you.

So, find some time and check in with your advisor. Who knows, they might know of someone who has a job or internship opening with a great team or event right now. MEP

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