10 October 2011

Get connected

This week's entry is from MSA student, Jeff Webster. He is working to better connect all DSA students and needs your help to do so.


This may be a simple equation, but the implications are very real for anyone who plans on chasing a career in the sports industry. Networking is truly an art, and can often be the most powerful tool in anyone's repertoire. Because we all need a place to start, the Ohio University Department of Sports Administration has created it's own Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The idea is to foster communication among past and present students that could potentially lead to real professional advice, relationships, and even jobs! If you know of any OU DSA alumni or current students that are making waves in the sports industry, I want to hear about it. Please feel free to send over anything and everything that may be relevant to any of your classmates and lets build a network together!

Follow us on Twitter: @OhioDSA
Join our LinkedIn account: Ohio University Department of Sports Administration Group


Jeff Webster
MBA/MSA Class of 2012
Ohio University

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